Favourite Succulent and Cacti Shops in East London 🌵

I pretty much kill every plant I meet, and even succulents don't usually last longer than 3 months in my possession. But it definitely doesn't stop me from trying, and I am always looking to make my room a greener place. How can you resist bringing one of those green cuties home? I've spent many hours wandering around London hunting down places to buy succulents and cacti, so here are my recommendations.


Columbia Road Flower Market - Bethnal Green

First of all, if you want something pretty cheap and VERY London, the Columbia Road Flower Market is obviously the place to be. There is one particular stall on the East side of the market that has all the teeny to medium succulents and cacti you'll need. If you approach the market from that side, you save yourself having to push through the crowd (although admittedly that is part of the charm, really). So next Sunday morning, you know where to go!

If a market is not the place for you, and you're looking to visit some adorable shops with a slightly higher price tag, that also sell beautiful pots, do workshops and will get you some gorgeous snapshots, check out the places below.

Conservatory Archives - Bethnal Green

I came across the Conservatory Archives completely by accident while wandering down Hackney Road one day. This is one of those plant places where every single inch of the place is taken up by leaves. It was pretty busy the day I found it, so I haven't actually fully explored the shop, but as you can see from the picture above, it looks pretty amazing. White walls, a high ceiling with hanging lights, plants as far as the eye can see, and a lovely selection of succulent pots. It feels like one of those places that would only appear at certain times of the day, and would only be visible to you... @conservatory_archives


Grace & Thorn - Bethnal Green (and Brick Lane)

I don't know a lot about Grace & Thorn, but from their website it looks like they specialise in bouquets. However, they've got a pretty good selection of succulents and cacti too. I found the Bethnal Green branch on a walk to the Hackney City Farm (would also recommend!) and often pop by the Brick Lane branch on Sundays for a little peek. @graceandthorn

Botanique Workshop - Exmouth market

This used to be one of my go-to spots for succulents, even before it was called Botanique Workshop. It just happened to be a 10 minute walk from my first job in London. Previously selling lots of gift items by small brands inside and succulent outside, it is now mostly dedicated to all things green. The staff is always lovely and they've got a really wide range to choose from. Bonus points for the lovely branding and shop front and the fact that they do weddings! @botaniqueworkshopfront

Flower Warehouse - Hackney

The Flower Warehouse is not the most glamorous, but it will definitely do the trick! They've got mostly small to medium cacti and succulents, plus lots of other plants and flowers. It has a big doorway, windows in the ceiling and many flowers and herbs on display outside along Cambridge Heath Road. It's not the kind of shop that has an Instagram, but they will definitely be there to help you pick just the right plant or succulent for you, with a nice selection of cheap pots.

And finally, there are two that I've had on my wish list for forever, but still haven't visited:

  • Geo Fleur in Stratford

Go check out their amazing website and Insta, and once I've paid a visit I will report back. (They do a monthly delivery service too.)  @geo_fleur UPDATE: They've now moved to the North, so this one is off the list, but you should probably still follow them on Instagram and you can also still order online.

  • Prick in Dalston

This is another Insta find and I've been dying to head over there. @prickldn

Happy shopping and may you find all your perfect plant friends. Do you have any further recommendations? Let me know!