Announcing my podcast: The Pro/Con List!

I can’t believe I’m finally getting to talk to you about my podcast! I’ve been working on it on and off for at least a year (with long breaks whenever times got a bit hectic, especially while trying to get used to freelance life), but now the news is out. I thought a blog post with all the info would be the easiest way to share the news, so keep on reading to find out more.

Alright, give me that elevator pitch

The Pro/Con List is your guide to mapping out your life, standing your ground, and finally finishing that project. (It will definitely take me a while to memorise, but I’ll get there eventually.) I really wanted to create a podcast that discussed some of the topics that I’ve come across while moving to a different country, starting my career and going through my 20s. There’s so many decisions to be made when it comes to becoming an adult, making friends, balancing your life and starting a job or side project, and my aim is to give you any extra help I can. Every episode I’ll be interviewing a different friend, colleague, author or other interesting person, all picked because they are experts on a topic that I think everyone would benefit from hearing a bit more about. Sometimes I find career advice podcasts quite stressful and life advice podcasts a bit too up in the clouds, and I’m trying to find the sweet spot in between.

It’s a podcast for students, young professionals, freelancers, creators and anyone else wants a bit of motivation. And just to give you a taster of the topics: we’ll be discussing how to find a mentor, what it’s like to move abroad, how to live more sustainably, the best ways to manage time, dealing with criticism and feedback, and lots more!

And yes, of course the title was inspired by Rory Gilmore’s pro con lists for making life decisions.

Room Pi2c.jpg

Creating the look

Coming up with names is always hard, but once that was done I was stuck with the next problem: creating a logo. I really wanted to work with Polly Vadasz from Sighh again. We worked together on a ‘Don’t Crack the Spine’ enamel pin (which is now sold out, sorry!) and I absolutely loved the design we ended up with. The design for the podcast logo felt like a massive hurdle that held me back for ages, but in the end I reached out to Polly and it was great to have someone to work together with on this part of the project. One of the things Polly is known for is her beautiful hand lettering, and here are some of the initial ideas she sent my way, which immediately let me know she totally got what I was going for.

lettered options.jpg

A note from Polly on the design

‘I had a few aims for the The Pro Con List logo: feminine, eye catching, friendly and competent! Sanne was after some original hand lettering, so I developed a few directions to choose between. I supplied some bold, authoritative options, but in the end the friendly 'hand writing' vibe won! With the addition of the little post-it note, it resulted in a lovely graphic that represents what the podcast is about: sitting down and writing that pro/con list. Colour was the real deliberation, but I love how suited to Sanne's aesthetic the final is. In my humble opinion, you cannot go wrong with a bit of mustard.’ - Polly

We went through a ton of colour options (waaay more than you can see here, but these were some favourites that didn’t make the cut, plus an example of what it looked like with a different handwritten edition) and I even put the different versions in my podcast app to see how they looked alongside my own favourite podcasts. I loved the yellow and was super keen to have the ‘post-it look’, and below you can see the final design.


That all sounds great, but when is it out?

My plan is to launch in August! I have an incredible selection of guests lined up and can’t wait to share it with all of you. If you want to get involved, any suggestions for topics or guests are always welcome. I really hope this sounds like something that you might want to spend a few hours with, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

See you soon on a podcast app near you!