My goals lists

I love a good list and I love a challenge, and the pages below feel like such a fantastic way to document my taste and experiences throughout the years. Go on, have a little browse!


30 before 30

When I was 22 I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Over the years I've returned to it to check my progress and this year I did a little revamp, removing things I was no longer interested in and adding in some new goals. Only one year left now, so let's see how I do!

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50 Book Challenge

I've been doing the annual 50 Book Challenge since around 2008 and it basically means I try to read 50 books a year. Some people really dislike setting challenges, as it should be about enjoying books and not counting the numbers, but personally this really helps me stay motivated (as it's very easy to get distracted by Netflix). I'm currently catching up on the full list, so in the meantime you can take a peek at my GoodReads.

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 100 Films Challenge

I've been keeping track of every film I've watched since 2009 (in theory). It definitely comes in handy when I'm trying to recommend films to friends or just check how many times I've seen my favourites. I'm no longer challenging myself to watch 100 films a year, to make space for some extra reading, but it's lovely to see the full history of viewing (and I'm still keeping track of everything!).

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Classic films to watch list

Instead of attempting to watch the full IMDB 100 best films list (or some other list), I decided to go through and pick some titles from different lists of classics that I'm interested in watching. I am seriously lacking in my classic film knowledge, so I figured I'd give these a go.

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