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Thanks for wanting to get in touch with me! Before you send me a message, please take a quick look at my FAQ.

For business enquiries, interviews and other opportunities, please email me at You can also request my media kit by sending me an email.

If you've got any other quick questions, sometimes Twitter or Instagram is the easiest way to reach me @booksandquills.

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Working Together

There are lots of different ways we can work together via my Booksandquills social channels and you can see a few examples below. If you have any other ideas, questions (or want to request my media kit), I'm always happy to start a conversation! Feel free to get in touch at

  • I can feature a product or experience on YouTube, Instagram, Insta stories, Twitter or here on my blog. We can work together on a full video, a shoutout, giveaway or other ideas you might have.

  • Press trips, film screenings or other entertainment or food related events can be featured on one of my social spaces.

  • I can host interviews with authors or actors, panels or workshops about YouTube, online book content, creating a brand online and a variety of other topics. More info here.

I’m also a freelance digital content producer and would love to work together on your social media strategy or next campaign launch. You can find a full list of my services here.


Here are some of the examples of times that I've worked together with brands I love! 


Booksandquills x Penguin Randomhouse UK


booksandquills x eejewellery

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booksandquills x hotel indigo


Booksandquills x The Happy Pear

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booksandquills x great western railway


b00ksandquills x Penguin Random House UK

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 20.03.08.png


booksandquills x lionsgate


booksandquills x chapter 5

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