26 Grains | Brunch in London

Is porridge your breakfast of dreams? Do you go crazy for a chai latte and love home made flatbread? If you haven't made your way down to 26 Grains in Central London yet, you're missing out!


I've mostly been writing about food in East London so far, but this trusty spot in central London is aways a hit with visitors and perfect for lunch meetings (though I’d suggest you get there early) or just to sneak away during your lunch break.

I think I first heard about 26 Grains because they published a book with Penguin, where I worked. But I didn't quite connect the dots until I pass through Neal's Yard a few months later. Neal's Yard is located in Seven Dials, between Covent Garden en Tottenham Court Road. It's a beautiful and colourful square with some absolute gems. Vegan food, skincare, pizza, it's got it all!


But of course we're here for 26 Grains. Almost all of their dishes are based around, no surprise, grains. From porridge to bread and rye croutons, they manage to make their ever changing menu a surprise every time. 

I haven't actually been able to try all of their porridges yet, and Nordic Pear and Hazelnut & Butter (update: I tried it and it was incredible) are definitely high on my wish list.


My personal favourites? Either the sourdough with soft cheese, berries and lemon thyme or the flatbread with halloumi, garlic yoghurt and pickle, which I've had at least 10 times during several lunch breaks while dragging colleagues along. I always recommend checking out their Instagram @26grains if you're not sure what you're in the mood for. 

Have I made you hungry yet? Next time you're wandering round Covent Garden, make sure to drop by this hidden gem. I'll go back to dreaming about porridge now...