Grounded & Exmouth in Aldgate | Brunch in London


Aldgate used to be my home, but I still live close enough that I visit it quite frequently. Of course this means that I've tried out quite a few of the local brunch spots. Exmouth Cafe was a staple of my second year in London, and more recently Grounded Coffee popped up 2 minutes down the road. They both seem to be under the same management, as the same baked goods and staff seem to show up in both locations (I wasn't lying when I said I visit frequently).

Directions: you'll find these at the South exit of Brick Lane, close to the East exit of Aldgate East tube station, on Whitechapel road. Stand on Whitechapel Road with your back to Brick Lane and you'll find Grounded on the left and Exmouth on the right.

Grounded Coffee


Although this place is the newer one, it's probably my favourite now, because they do a full cooked brunch menu and the atmosphere is so lovely, from the booths in the back to the pretty green tiled walls. The menu offers eggs in any shape or combo, tasty pancakes. a full veggie English breakfast, french toast and a bunch of other options. The food is simple, but looks and tastes gorgeous and they always add a little special touch, like toasted almonds on the french toast. 


For drinks I'd highly recommend any of the smoothies, freshly queezed orange juice or a chai latte with one of the 4 different milk alternative options. It's usually quite full on a Saturday or Sunday at noon, but often the wait isn't more then 5-15 min, and definitely worth it. 

Want to pick up some extra goodies? From tea pots to peanut butter, make sure to fill your bags with treats from the shelves above the tables.


Exmouth coffee company


I've spent so many hours at Exmouth chatting with friends, huddled around a table when the wi-fi at our flat wasn't working. Or dashing in for a drink and a pastry on my way to work or an early event on the weekend. If you're looking to read a book, do some writing or meet a friend, Exmouth is the place to be. 

My personal highlights include the soy chai latte, the almond and chocolate croissant, butternut squash and goats cheese tart (see below) and a big square of their veggie pizza on the go. Lamingtons, brownies, custard tarts, and toasted and filled flatbread (including vegan and veggie options). Really, you can't go wrong.


Next time you're near Liverpool Street or Brick Lane and in need of a delicious breakfast, brunch or coffee, these two are the places to go. Tell 'em hi from me!