Lele's in Hackney | Vegan Food in London

50 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0RN


The first place I moved to when arrived in London was Hackney. It's gone through quite a few changes over the last year (and had already undergone a lot of change), and I never stop being surprised by the new places that have popped up since I last visited.

I discovered Lele's during ELCAF, an illustration and graphic novel event that was being held in the church a couple of doors over. Inside of Lele's it's bright and beautiful, with plenty of greenery. It's a little bit crowded with the teeny tables pushed close together, but the food more than makes up for it! It's entirely veggie and vegan, and the potato, rosemary and cheese toasty I had was AMAZING, as was the fresh juice. 

If you end up visiting, don't forget to pop into Pages of Hackney, a fantastically curated indie bookshop down the road.

Thanks for Fran (@frannerd), my lovely pink-haired friend in the picture below, for spotting this one!

Can't make it there in person? Follow them on Insta @leles_london.

UPDATE: They've switched to a fully vegan menu!