The Best Vegan Food in Camden


I'll never forget the first time I visited Camden while being an 18-year-old tourist and thinking it was the coolest place ever. I don't visit it very often anymore now that I live in London, but after hearing lots of amazing things about the vegan food options I decided to head there on a Saturday afternoon (so busy!) and eat as much as I could manage.

Most of the food recommendations below are either on the main street, which is called Camden Lock Place and it's the first place you end up in when you enter Camden Lock (right next to the big blue bridge across the road that says 'Camden Lock'), in Camden Lock Market (which you can find by walking through one of the passages ways on the left side of Camden Lock Place) or the North Yard (which is... close to Cyberdog, is the easiest way to describe it I guess).

I once spent a full hour trying to find a particular shop in Camden market, so maybe just use the pictures as guidance and hopefully you'll have better luck. Camden Lock Market also has a little map of all the stalls on the side of the first stalls you see, so don't forget to a picture for guidance.


Club Mexicana

I thought Club Mexicana was purely a Camden food spot, but I also spotted them at the Broadway Vegan Market recently. I had my eyes on their deep fried cheese sticks, but they don't seem to be on the menu in Camden. I ended up trying the fish tacos (pictured here in a wrap, because they ran out of tacos). As a lifelong vegetarian I've never tried fish before, and eating something that is a bit too close to the real thing always feels weird to me. My non-veggie friend told me it was pretty similar to fish, and while it tasted good, I still feel slightly odd about this one! I'll definitely give one of their other options (jackfruit BBQ burrito or loaded nachos) a go next time, as they seem to be a favourite for so many people.

Location: Camden Lock Market, coming from Camden Lock Place, to the right of the boats.


OSU Coconuts

OSU do vegan gluten-free coconut-base pancake. You can also find them on Broadway market on Saturdays and Brick Lane on Sundays. I picked the caramelised apple option and asked for a sneaky extra portion of peanut butter. They're just the right size to have for desert after a savoury treat (although they offer some savoury pancakes too).  

Location: Camden Lock Place, in a booth in the middle section on the street.


Chin Chin Labs Ice Cream

Chin Chin's Instagram is INCREDIBLE. Since it was freezing I opted for a vegan hot chocolate instead of trying their ice cream. They usually have one vegan option and this time chai ice cream was the flavour of the day. This was the most flavourful and thick hot chocolate I've had in a long time. Do I get some bonus points for finally remembering to bring my reusable cup? Chin Chin also do a veggie marshmallow fluff (fingers crossed for a vegan one!). I also loved that the server told me about a brand new pie and mash shop that had just opened up down the street.

Location: Camden Lock Place, on the left side of the road.


Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner

A new addition, but a very very tasty one! If you’re in the mood for a hot dog, dirty fries or Reuben sandwich, this is the place to be! I tried the buffalo wings, and wasn’t super into the taste, but have loved everything else I’ve tried on the menu so far. @rudysdvd

Location: Unit 739 Camden Stables Market, close to Crosstown.



I haven’t had the chance to visit Purezza in person yet, but their takeaway is super dreamy. The cheesy dough balls are unbelievable and I’m usually not super keen on takeaway pizza, but would order these any day! Lots of interesting flavours to pick from and my favourite one is the Couch Potato. @purezzauk

Location: 43 Parkway, Camden Town.


Young Vegans Pie & Mash

London's first vegan pie and mash shop. A seitan and ale pie, lots of other gluten free pie options and a chocolate mud pie for desert? Yes please! I can't wait to pop by again and try these guys out.

Location: Camden Lock Place, left side at the end of the road. 


Magic Falafel

I found this falafel place ages ago after a work event and have never been more grateful. Pretty self explanatory, and always a solid option. I also love that they have a massive vegan sign under their name, so you absolutely can't miss it.

Location: 31 Chalk Farm Road, just around the corner from Cyberdog.


V Burger

I'm pretty sure this is a vegan Camden staple and one that I've yet to try out. If you're in the mood for junk food, this looks like the place to be.

Location: Camden Lock Place, on the right side from the entrance of the road.


Columbian Street Food, Maize BLaze

While waiting for my tacos from Club Mexicana I noticed that Maize Blaze has a Lean Mean Vegan Machine option. I also took a close up pic of the ingredients: mini potatoes, garlic rise, plantains, toasted pumpkin seeds, pickled red onion, guacamole and more. Sign me up!

Location: Camden Lock Market, coming from Camden Lock Place, to the right of the boats.



Ehmm, Crosstown do vegan options now? They seem to be doing 2 flavours, varying from week to week and they should be in stock in Camden and lots of their other locations.

Location: North Yard, Chalk Farm Road.


Phew, that should keep you going for a while! Lots of places for me to go back to and try, but if you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them below (alongside any other requests for locations for me to try out).