Ask For Janice | Brunch in London

Oh yes, it's brunch time again.

There are always those places that you pass multiple times a year, maybe even every week, but it's never quite the right time to go in. Ask For Janice happens to be on my walk from work to my dentist, which I visit more frequently than I would like... It's also close to the Barbican Centre and I don't end up in the area much on my weekends. But, I finally paid a visit a few weeks back and it was a very interesting experience!


With rustic-looking wooden furniture, a couch in the corner, brick walls that have been painted white, exposed concrete pillars and lots of greenery, this place is basically my idea of a dream. Before I start talking about the food, it would also make for a good spot to just come and have a drink and read, sketch or work.


I visited with my boyfriend, and after sitting down and looking at the menu we quickly realised this wasn't your regular brunch place. Initially we thought we could only get a bottomless brunch, but we didn't want a boozy breakfast and were also looking to spend a little bit less. Fortunately the waitress explained you can also just pick some items from the list of food, mix and match, and pay £6 per plate. We ended up having 3 plates split between us, and I think that was about right!


We each ordered a really nice freshly squeezed juice (grapefruit for me), and I got the chance to take my reusable straw for a spin for the first time. We also got 3 of the veggie plates to share, and I love how each of them was a little bit different than we were expecting. My favourite was the Bloody Mary beans on toast with horse radish cream (see what I mean?), with the carrot hotcake (see above) coming in second. Seeing as we pretty much ordered all the veggie plates, I wouldn't say the brunch is very vegan friendly, but you can check out the menu yourself here.


Next time you happen to be around the Barbican area, why not try it out? They also do cocktails  and other food in the evening, so I might just have to head back and give them a go soon...