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Thought Clothing was one of the first brands I found (though they were called Braintree back then) when I started researching ethical clothing and slow fashion, so you can imagine how happy I was to find an email from them in my inbox with the question if I wanted to try out some pieces from their 2018 Spring collection. Yes please! I love that they are always trying to minimise their environmental footprint, support slow fashion and use lots of naturally grown bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp.

They let me pick some items and I decided to take them for a spin in Bath, on a lovely sunny day last weekend. Get ready for lots of  bright yellows, beautiful buildings and the awkwardness that is me trying to pose for outfit pics. Massive shoutout to my friend Rosianna for being a very, very patient photographer. 


First up, you all know that I love a good stripe. I definitely own more than 10 stripy tops and I'm still not ready to admit that I have a problem. It's basically all I wear, so of course I couldn't resist picking up this grey and black striped top. It's got cute buttons at the bottom too and has a loose/casual cut. 


My daily uniform consists of the following:

- Sturdy black/grey boots with laces. Great for both London daily walking and the occasional hike through a muddy field in the countryside.
- Black leggings. I wear them almost every single day of my life. Comfy and they blend in with any outfit.
- A skirt (no jeans for this lady), preferably a black or tan corduroy short skirt or flowy black midi skirt. 
- A striped top, with or without turtleneck.


What can I say, I have a simple sense of style, kind of like a kid on their first day to school (think bright raincoat, dungarees and big backpack) mixed with an effortlessly stylish Parisian woman (trench coat and black and white stripes), but I know what I like. It's been so nice to have found a brand that I can buy a stripy top from whenever I'm running low. The leggings I'm wearing are from Thought too (I've previously bought many of my own pairs from them), so that's two staples crossed off the list!


This yellow cardigan has been a favourite of mine for a few months now and I mostly wear it over tops while at work (I'm looking at you, chilly office working environment...). While it's not from the Spring collection, I figured it deserved a shoutout as it brightens up any outfit.


It seems pretty obvious that the yellow blouse is the eye-catcher of the collection. The fabric is really light and I loved wearing it with the sleeves rolled up. I feel like it would work super well with any skirt or pair of jeans for summer and might be a good opportunity to try out a brighter colour if you don't wear them very often. Add red lipstick and you've got a winning combo (I went with Charlotte Tilbury's Red Carpet Red).


Ceramic pin by Rachael Cocker


If you'd like to try out some more sustainable and ethical clothing and look super cute while doing it, definitely go have a browse of the Thought website and I if you end up getting anything feel free to tag me on Insta so I can take a peek! ❤️


Pieces featured in this post

Yellow Perilla Spot Printed Button Up Blouse (organic cotton) £49.90
Campbell Stripy Jersey Top (organic cotton) £29.90
Plain Bamboo Organic Cotton Leggings £24.90
Vivienne Long Yellow Cardigan £32.00

Sizing note: I usually wear a size 16 in general. I'm wearing both tops in an 18 (though 16 might have been a better fit for the striped top, and 16 for the yellow blouse did fit, but I preferred a more loose fit). I wear the leggings in size 16.